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Dominion Pardons & Waivers: Your fresh start, starts here. GET A PARDON
Record Suspension

Being pardoned or having your record suspended will bring you peace of mind. Call us to get the process started today.

US Entry Waiver

A U.S. Entry Waiver will allow you to travel into the U.S.A. with a criminal record, hassle-free. Call us today to arrange your documents.

File Destruction

Charged with an offense but not convicted? Destroy your file to remove fingerprints, photos and other documents.

If a criminal record is still penalizing you long after you have paid your debt to society, Dominion Pardons & Waivers can help you turn it all around. Our mission is to help Canadians who have been convicted of a criminal offense, get the pardons and waivers they need to clear their record – once and for all. We know that time is of the essence because you have waited long enough for your criminal pardon or your U.S. entry waiver. If you need a pardon or a waiver quickly, the Dominion team can help by getting the process started for you now, even if you are not yet entitled to receive one.
Serving Canadians all over the country, we take pride in our ability to help get you a fresh start.

Why should you get your pardon or waiver NOW? Because…

Most people don’t understand

Unless and until someone has personally experienced the shame, rejection and ongoing persecution after being convicted of a crime, they won’t realize how wide-ranging and life-altering the consequences are. Ironically, whether they realize it or not, most people know someone who has been convicted of a crime, but unless they are personally affected, most people don’t give a second thought to the thousands of Canadians who are struggling to rebuild their lives against long odds.

At Dominion Pardons & Waivers, we work with people all the time who, despite having served out their sentences, still can’t get a job, travel freely, or even chaperone a field trip at their kids’ school. They are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. They usually have turned their lives around long ago, yet still can’t move past the shadow of their criminal record. That’s why what we do, matters. More often than not, we can help them get their lives back with a pardon (now known as a record suspension) or a US entry waiver that will allow them to pursue a full range of opportunities for work, travel and life.

The law doesn’t understand

Unfortunately, the Canadian legal system does not seem to be very concerned with the fate of people who have been convicted through the criminal courts. Although a process does exist whereby an individual can apply for a record suspension or a U.S. entry waiver, the truth is that obtaining these can be time-consuming, costly and intimidating. In fact, the recently extended wait times and complex processes can be so discouraging that many ex-offenders don’t even bother to apply. Ever-changing statutes also create confusion as to what the appropriate procedures are, practically guaranteeing that many will be unsuccessful in their attempts to obtain a pardon.

Employers don’t understand

Canadian Pardons and WaiversMore and more employers in Canada today are seeking criminal background checks from prospective employees. What was once only a concern for certain types of jobs – albeit the ‘best’ jobs, in government, banking, health care, and big business – is now becoming an issue even for applicants to fast food chains, who must submit to invasive criminal background checks and then face added humiliation of being passed up for job after job, promotion after promotion, often without a reason given. Even convictions for minor, summary offenses can come back to haunt an individual, with cryptic legal language causing potential employers to dismiss job applications out of hand or to question the interviewee as to the nature of their crime. These situations are more than embarrassing; they can be financially crippling to people with families to support, who just want to be law abiding and productive citizens again.

Border officials definitely don’t understand

Did you know that border officials with U.S. Immigration (INS) are allowed a tremendous amount of discretion when it comes to allowing people with criminal convictions to cross the border? That means every Customs and Border Protection employee has the authority to decide whether or not you cross into the U.S. – unless you have a U.S. Entry Waiver. Even if you have crossed dozens of times at several different border crossings, even if you have answered their exhaustive questions and submitted to their invasive searches, even if you have been told by a border official that you should be free to cross in future, another agent has the power to deny you. It all depends on their personal judgment – and we all know how personal bias can override fairness and justice.

Apply Below for a Pardon or Waiver in Canada!

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WE understand – and we care about your freedom and your future
Canada Pardons and Waivers

Fortunately, Dominion Pardons & Waivers is on your side. We are extremely knowledgeable about the pardons and waivers process, and can help you navigate through it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Instead of worrying about gathering the appropriate paperwork and having to individually approach a number of different government entities with which you are not familiar, we provide a ‘one stop shop’ for the pardons and waivers process. We’ll determine your eligibility for a criminal pardon (record suspension), file destruction or a US entry waiver, and if you are eligible, we’ll help you get the results you want.

One call or email is all it takes to discuss your situation and find out whether ours is the best team to help you. And the stakes are high – your peace of mind, your freedom, your ability to live life to the fullest.

If your old criminal record is preventing you from…

-Getting the job you want

-Opening and operating your own business

-Advancing in your career

-Travelling freely

-Volunteering in your community

Getting bonded

-Becoming a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident

-Getting child custody and/or visitation rights

-Renting an apartment

-Joining professional associations and memberships

-Getting into a great school


Don’t delay any further. Call us now to get the pardon / record suspension process started. Your fresh start is waiting!