Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Winnipeg, MB
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Winnipeg MB

Struggling to find an employer who will hire people with criminal records in Winnipeg, MB? Criminal pardons and record suspensions could help solve your problem.


Having a criminal record can be a serious impediment to finding work. At least some, and often all, employers in seemingly every line of work are requiring background checks for job applicants. This may seem like overkill, especially for those who have relatively minor convictions on their records, but it’s the reality nonetheless.


What can be even more frustrating is that employers don’t always disclose how they handle criminal records. In some cases, they may simply want to see that you haven’t been convicted of any serious, violent crimes. In others, any blemish on your record could cost you the chance to get hired. What’s worst of all is that you don’t necessarily know which is which as you’re applying, meaning that you may be wasting valuable time applying for jobs that won’t hire you anyway or passing up good opportunities because you don’t think you’re eligible due to your criminal record.




If you live in Winnipeg, MB, you don’t have to live like that. Criminal pardons and record suspensions Winnipeg MB exist to give people second chances. While they’re not open to everyone, they are open to far more people who have criminal convictions than most people believe. In fact, many of our satisfied customers have been pleasantly surprised to find out that we were able to help them. Wouldn’t you like to be next?


Call or e-mail us to learn more about our services and whether we can help you to obtain criminal pardons or record suspensions. We just need some basic background information to evaluate your case and let you know whether we can help. Isn’t it worth the few minutes it’ll take to find out whether you can be our next success story in Winnipeg, MB?