Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Windsor, Ontario
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Windsor ON

If you have a criminal record and you’re looking for a job in Windsor, ON, Criminal Pardons and record suspensions Windsor ON could help you obtain employment. That can help you and your family by putting you back to where you were before you were convicted of a crime in terms of your qualifications for positions.


Many employers in Windsor, ON require criminal background checks for any number of reasons. In some cases, companies have policies that immediately disqualify anyone who has been convicted of a crime. In others, employers may ask you embarrassing questions during the hiring process, putting you in a very awkward position even if you do end up getting hired. Simply put, having a record of any kind severely limits the number and type of opportunities that are available to you.

Traveling can similarly be complicated by having a conviction in your past. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a criminal record can be a major obstacle toward entry into other countries, including the United States. Even if you’re not planning to travel, you never know when an emergency situation with a friend or relative across the border could arise, and then it might be too late to do anything about your record.


Criminal pardons and record suspensions offer you the chance for a fresh start. While not everyone is eligible, plenty of people have had success working with us when they previously thought all hope was lost. Many are surprised to learn just how widely available these options are, and you may be too.


If you live in Windsor, ON and are trying to move beyond your mistakes of the past, call or e-mail us today to find out whether you could be eligible for criminal pardons or record suspensions. The worst that can happen is that we tell you that you’re not eligible. The best that could happen is that we open doors that are currently closed, including employment and travel.