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A Pardon Removes Obstacles in Your Life

If you have a criminal record and have not yet obtained a Pardon, you are most likely experiencing one or several serious problems in your life. Not only do these problems impact your life on a fundamental level, but they will not go away until you have removed your criminal record with a Pardon, also known as a Criminal Record Suspension. Some of the major problems you may be faced with include:

  1. Trouble finding or keeping employment
  2. Unable to travel internationally
  3. Unable to obtain your citizenship
  4. Denied custody of your children
  5. Denied participation in community or schooling events for yourself or your children
  6. Higher insurance rates

If you need these obstacles removed from your life, a Pardon/Record Suspension is required.

Dominion Pardons and Waivers can help you figure out your current situation with a free consultaion. Call us to see if you are eligible to improve your life with a Pardon/Record Suspension, and how you can avoid having your application denied.


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The Risk of Having Your Pardon Denied

Many people are not eligible to submit a Pardon application in the first place. Furthermore many people who are in fact eligible and do submit an application, often have their application denied because their application is done incorrectly. This is because a Pardon application is rather complex, and furthermore because the Parole Board of Canada is increasingly scrutinous with how they assess your application.

This means that individuals who attempt to do their application on their own, or hire an inexperienced company (often these companies attempt to resemble a government entity) are taking a big risk. There is a high chance that the application will be denied because of 2 possible reasons:

  1. An error/oversight has been made in the administrative paperwork of the application. (This can be something as simple as an incorrect date.)
  2. The statements in the application have failed to convince the officer at the Parole Board of Canada that you deserve to be Pardoned.

Both of these problems can be avoided by hiring a professional team of experts who specialize in preparing and processing Canadian Pardon applications. 

Dominion Pardons and Waivers can help you determine if you are qualified with a free consultaion. Call us to see if you are eligible to improve your life with a Pardon/Record Suspension, and how you can avoid having your application denied.

A Pardon Helps Secure Employment

Perhaps the most devastating consequence of your criminal record, is the fact that you will have an increasingly difficult time finding employment. This is because of a wide variety of factors that include rising crime and terrorism as well as the need for increased security clearances.

Criminal background searches are now routinely being performed on employees in sectors that rarely performed them before.  As a result, a much greater percentage of the people we help, are now people who have lost their jobs in the trades, transportation services, customer service, unionized construction, installation services, healthcare, and even retail. To make things worse, advances in technology are making it easier for employers to conduct background searches quickly. 

You may find yourself in a frustrating and debilitating situation where you simply cannot find work, despite having all the right requirements and qualifications for the job.

This can be devastating because it suddenly becomes very difficult for you to support yourself as well as your family. A criminal record can impair your ability to make a living, which is why it is so important to trust your Pardon application in the hands of a seasoned team of experts who have successfully processed many thousands of Pardon applications.

To see if you are eligible to submit a Pardon application, please call our office for a free consultation. Our experienced team will provide clarity as to your current situation, and what you can do to find employment, even if you have a criminal record and have not yet been pardoned.

A Pardon Helps Prevent Travel & Border Issues

Having a criminal record may also present serious problems when travelling internationally. To be more precise, having a criminal record may fully prevent you from travelling abroad, especially to the United States. Furthermore, the consequences may be a bit more complicated than they sound. If you are looking to travel to the United States, you should know that every border official has the right to deny you entry based on your criminal record.

Furthermore, once a border agent denies you entry to the United States, most of the time you will also undergo a procedure that involves exhaustive questioning and fingerprinting. Once your information has been cross-referenced with the Canadian database, your criminal record is then entered into the United States database. You are now placed into a category of people that require a U.S. Entry Permit in order to enter the country.


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To obtain a U.S. Entry Waiver is an entirely separate process and application, which you can learn about here. Unlike a Pardon, a U.S. Entry Waiver is not permanent. It usually needs to be renewed every 6 months to 5 years, and it incurrs several fees each time it must be renewed.

This is why it is important to consider obtaining a Canadian Pardon before travelling to the United States. While a Pardon will not guarantee that you avoid this situation 100% of the time, it can dramatically help reduce your likelihood of being stopped at the United States border, and even more so to other countries. However whether or not you will be apprehended at other international borders is much more of a grey area because the cross-referencing of criminal databases between them is not consistent across all borders. It can also be much more risky to travel to certain parts of the world with a criminal record, because you may find yourself in a much more hostile environment with much less diplomatic and friendly ties to Canada, than the United States currently has. You do not want to be seen as a threat and arrested in such a place.

Additional Benefits of Your Pardon

While unemployment and restricted travel are the two most common problems that your criminal record can bring, there are several others that can also cause hardships in your life.

Community Involvement

Many of the people we help are parents or even grandparents that have recently experienced a rather shameful and embarassing situation because of their criminal record. Schools and various community organizations are increasingly performing background searches on adults who are looking to volunteer at various events and programs. This can mean anything from helping with a fundraiser to car pooling kids to a hockey tournament.

When you fail a security clearance and are not able to participate in such events because of your criminal record, it can bring you shame, as well as negatively impact your reputation amongst your family and other parents/community members. When you clear your criminal record with a Parond/Record Suspension, you can avoid such a hardship entirely.

Educational Programs

Students can also experience hindrances in their educational goals when they possess a criminal record. This can happen when you are denied entry into a particular post-secondary educational program because he fail a security background clearance. The risk of rejection is also quite high when you are applying for schooling internationally, especially to the United States.

In other situations, you may have already been accepted into your program of choice without any issues, however in order to graduate you must complete a portion of the program that involves an internship or some other extracurricular aspect. Many times the organizations that grant these internships and extracurricular roles will require a criminal background check for the student.

Many of the people we help are students who have had their educational progress delayed as a result of their criminal record. A Pardon/Record Suspension is a clear solution to this problem.

Insurance rates

Did you know that statistically speaking, drivers with criminal records are more frequently involved in car accidents than those with no criminal past? Depending on the level of investigation done by your insurance company, you may be faced with an increase in your car insurance rates. The increase can be especially high if your criminal record includes a DUI or other crimes involving vehicles.

When you obtain a Pardon, your insurance company will not be able to see your criminal record and in that respect will not have any basis to increase your rates.


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Child Custody Battles & Other Social Benefits

Having a criminal record results in people making a very quick and often harsh judgement about your character. Most people will assume that you are not a good person, and that you are not to be trusted. One of the worst instances where this can take place is during a court case for the custody of your children. Responsibility and safety are primary traits that are measured when trying to decide which parent will retain what percentage of custody. Having a criminal past can often be the primary factor that takes your children away from you. This can feel devastating, especially if you have long since repaid your debt to society and changed as a person, and yet still your criminal past has returned to now negatively impact your relationship with your child.

If you have a criminal record, there is a legal solution to your problems. Obtaining a Canadian Pardon/Criminal Record Suspension is perhaps one of the most liberating and empowering decisions you can make. It can help you find employment, travel internationally, lead a rewarding social and community life, fulfill your educational aspirations and retain greater access to your children during difficult times.

These are all critical aspects of your life which is why it’s important to leave your Pardon application in the hands of an expert who has successfully processed thousands of Pardon applications and changed many lives in the process.  Dominion Pardons & Waivers has a highly experienced team of professionals that truly care about your life and future. Trusting us with clearing your criminal record is the safest measure you can take to finally remove such obstacles from your life.



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