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Pardons & Waivers Testimonials

Dominion Pardons & Waivers Changing Lives

Dominion Pardons & Waivers takes special care of every one of our clients, because we understand the hardships that a criminal record can bring to your life. Furthermore, we understand that The Parole Board of Canada (which grants Canadian Pardons) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (which grants U.S. Entry Waivers) both look at each application very scrutinously and on an individual, case-by-case basis. 

This means that every application is different, and should be treated as such. When you hire Dominion to complete your Pardon and/or Waiver application, you get peace of mind because you know you have an experienced team on your side that treats you as a human being, not a number. 

This is why you never see “standard” price options on our website. Everything from the process to the price varies upon the individual we help. That’s why we are so successful at what we do: because we treat every client as a real-life individual with feelings, family and a story.

While most people are ashamed of having had a criminal past, and are therefore hesitant to reveal their name in a testimonial, we are thankful and appreciative of those individuals who are willing to provide one. We thank you!


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Gerard Fitzgerald

“I had a great experience with Dominion Pardons & Waivers. It was a long process but every step was explained to me. I was successful in obtaining my pardon. The staff were very easy to talk to. There were a couple of occasions where I had to delay my payment and I was able to do that with no issues. I was very satisfied with the service I received.”

Jada Arlenas

“Very satisfied with their service! Everything completed before expected time.”

Jaime Rodriguez

“Dominion and Pardon Waivers was excellent. They were very professional with a kind heart. They walked through the process step by step and if you have any question they quickly answer; never felt rushed and incompetent. I’m so glad they process my legal documents that I needed for my case – process immediately in no time. I would highly recommend them for paralegal services.”

Marilyn Taylor

“I am so proud today, I received a call from Dominion Pardons and Waivers that I have received my Pardon I started in 2013 and it has finally come through. Thank you to all who helped me. i would recommend this company to anyone who needs this help to get a pardon.”

Juliette Tracy

“They handled all my paperworks with great efficiency and professionalism. I have no problem at all; gets the job done in a timely matter. So glad to work with them. Thank you so much Dominion Pardon and Waivers for the help.”

John Umana

“I recently got hired and the employment opportunity consisted of constant travel to the United States. Thanks to Dominion Pardons & Waivers, I was able to get a pardon/record suspension and now I travel freely!”

Marc-André Brignone

“My son got the pardon. Thanks a lot. I never expected that it would get sooner. It was all due to your hard work and care! Thank you very much!”

Shane Kirby

“Dominion Pardons and Waivers executed a very organize and precise outcome with all my paperwork. You never failed me during my darkest moment. Highly appreciated.”

Sarah B

“Everything went well! You have helped me with all my needs regarding my waiver. All your staff was able to give me satisfying answer to all my questions. You really did well.”

Ulric Lalonde

“I made the right decision choosing you guys! Your experience in legal aspects was phenomenal. No doubt, you’re the best!”

Camille Km

“DP & W assisted me with all paperwork that I needed to clear my records; they provide all the information necessary in order to make the experience informative and quickly completed. I’m pleased with their professionalism; they really took their time & undivided attention for me. I’m so happy that I chose the right paralegal service. Highly recommend if you needed a professional paralegal service.”


“I tried to get a pardon/record suspension by myself, and had no luck. Just when I was about to give up, I used your service and I was able to get it! Thanks!!”

Ashley Brooks

“I am happy with this company. I was having a few problems and David kennedy was so professional and helped me figure things out. Thanks so much David Kennedy.”

Martin McDonald

“I hired this legal service a month ago & I must say I am very pleased; they’re extremely nice. Their professionalism is high commendable; they helped me process my documents for my pardon suspension – get it processed accurately. I would definitely use this paralegal service again if needed.”


“Through your service Testimonials, I found out that I was not eligible to go with my son on a school trip to the U.S.A. Thank you so much for being honest with me and saving me the embarrassment of being refused entry to the U.S.A.”

Gary Hoover

“This paralegal service did very well at helping me process my legal documents; they filed all the paperworks and provided me with a good timeline of the filing process. They were affordable and I was able to pay for everything myself. I would recommend this paralegal service if you want avoid the hassle completing the paperwork for yourself.”

Lucille Woods

“My experience with Dominion Pardons and Waivers really exceeded my expectations. They helped me process my record suspension pardon and made everything easy. I would highly recommend this paralegal service to anybody.”

Mark Manyos

“They made everything so simple and easy; helped me with my paperwork. Professional and kind, always kept me informed through the whole process. They took so much stress off me.”



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