Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Surrey, British Columbia
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Surrey BC

Are you struggling with the consequences of a criminal conviction in Surrey, BC? Criminal pardons and record suspensions Surrey BC may be your chance at a better life.


Living with a criminal record isn’t easy. Along with the stigma and embarrassment that are often associated with your conviction, you also face difficulties in traveling, getting hired, accessing education, and even getting quality childcare for your children. Even in the best of circumstances, you often end up having to explain yourself for something that was a simple mistake years ago, or even something more recent that just wasn’t as simple as the conviction makes it appear.


For many people living in Surrey, BC, we offer a solution.


Dominion Pardons and Waivers helps people who have been convicted of crimes to obtain criminal pardons and record suspensions. While we can’t help everybody, many of our clients are surprised to learn that we are able to help them in spite of the nature of their crime or the fact that they were convicted fairly recently. In fact, people often come to us after trying and failing to obtain criminal pardons and record suspensions on their own.


Wouldn’t you like to be able to apply for jobs without living in fear of the criminal background check associated with them? Wouldn’t you like to know that you can get a promotion without your current boss discovering an embarrassing incident in your past? Wouldn’t you like to have more travel opportunities opened up to you for both business and pleasure?


Now that you’ve paid your debt to society, it’s time for you to get your life back. Call or e-mail us today to find out whether you’re eligible to benefit from our services. We want you to be our next success story and live the life that you may think you no longer can.