Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Vancouver, BC
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Vancouver BC

For residents of criminal pardons and record suspensions Vancouver BC offer the chance to enjoy the benefits of living close to the border. Getting into the United States when you have a criminal record can be difficult. At best, you’ll spend part of your trip wondering whether you’ll be able to get across at all. At worst, you could be detained at the border.


If you’re eligible for the criminal pardons and record suspensions Vancouver BC that we help people to obtain, though, you can make these hassles things of the past. If our efforts are successful, which they typically are, you’ll be able to travel freely just like anyone who doesn’t have a criminal conviction in their past. In fact, it’s almost like you’ll have a new lease on life entirely.


Besides creating problems for border crossings near Vancouver, BC, criminal records can also make it difficult to gain employment. Many employers require background checks, and a blemish on your record could be the difference between you getting the job of your dreams and getting turned down. Even if your conviction isn’t a deal breaker, you could well find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to explain the circumstances surrounding your conviction to your potential employer. That’s not exactly the best way to start your relationship with them.


If you live in or near Vancouver, BC and you have a criminal record, contact us today to find out whether we’d be able to help you with either criminal pardons or record suspensions. Many of the clients who come to us have tried and failed to get them on their own only to find out that we can handle it successfully with far less hassle. Let us help you get back in control of your life by enabling you to travel and work free of the burden of a criminal record.