Traveling to the US? Find out about a US entry waiver

For most Canadians with a driver’s license, driving is an everyday activity, but at times it can become a cool adventure…like the day you realize, wait a minute, I can pack up some things and take the dog to Florida! Why not? It’s driving distance, right? Or what about a girls’ weekend in New York City…a ski retreat in Vermont…even a crazy long road trip to Vegas?

There’s nothing like an incredible cross-border road trip – until you get stopped at the border and denied entry because of an old criminal record. Yes, the Yanks can see it and no, they don’t care that you were 18 and foolish. They don’t care about the particulars; once a border official has decided you’re not coming in, you’re not. For more than five years, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has had full access to all Canadian criminal databases, so even though you might have gotten through in the past, you likely won’t be able to anymore. And don’t even think about trying to sneak through another border crossing, because if you’re caught, you will have broken a law (you can hardly plead ignorance if there is a record of your being denied entry already) and you could be subject to humiliating searches, detention and even seizure of your property.

Your way out is a US entry waiver

Everyone knows that border security is only getting tighter; you can be denied entry into the US for life just for admitting that you smoked pot years ago, even if you’re travelling to a state where pot is legal and even if you have no criminal record at all. That may sound crazy, but it’s because the admittance process is completely discretionary. It’s literally up to whoever you happen to run into at the border. That can also work for you, rather than against you – someone might let you breeze right through – but do you really want to take that chance, especially when travelling for business or important purposes?

There is an alternative: The waiver. By obtaining a US entry waiver, it will be as though that criminal record of yours didn’t exist; instead of being labeled inadmissible to the USA, you will sail through like the rest of the people going to look at the Falls or do some cross-border shopping.

Get started on your waiver today

A US Waiver of Inadmissibility has been called a ‘cash grab’ by some irate folks because of the fees involved, which are made worse by the weak Canadian dollar; while the application fee is $585 USD, the first waiver is good for only one year. Subsequent waivers can be issued for up to five year durations, but these also cost more. Of course, the waiver itself is discretionary based on the seriousness and extent of the crimes, and the amount of time that has elapsed since conviction. Obviously for some, the fees and the tedious paperwork can be obstacles to applying for a waiver, but for those who ever plan to take a trip Stateside – or even a plane trip somewhere else that has a stopover in the United States – it’s worth it. Some careers depend on doing business in the US, close relatives can move to the States, desirable schools or medical procedures may take place in America and nowhere else…the list of reasons goes on.

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