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Perhaps it was a youthful indiscretion…something you did under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs…or something you did out of poverty and desperation. Maybe you were under intense pressure from associates to commit a crime, maybe illegal activity was all you grew up knowing, or maybe you didn’t actually do anything and were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the circumstances, if you have a criminal record, but you’ve left the past behind you, you may be shocked to learn that the past doesn’t want to stay in its place

A Canadian criminal record does not disappear by itself

As a Toronto pardon company whose mission is to help Canadians leave the past behind them and move on with their lives as productive, contributing members of society, Dominion Pardons & Waivers knows how the game is played, but unfortunately, many of our clients don’t. They have been turned down for job after job, promotion after promotion, maybe experienced trouble at the Canada-U.S. border, and they don’t even really know why, because their crime was so long ago/the time was served/the terms were met/the offense is in no way related to the job. It comes as a shock to many that even after a long period of time, a Canadian criminal record doesn’t just fall away. But it doesn’t. Computers have a very long memory.

With the competitive employment environment in Toronto, you can be sure that, in addition to facing stiff competition from hundreds of other applicants, if you have a criminal record you are also facing an invisible enemy. If you do get far enough in the application process, chances are good that you will bump up against a criminal record check. Toronto employers can increasingly pick and choose, so they want to make sure they’re getting people with unblemished records. Because so much stigma exists around crime, even people who have completely turned their lives around are very unlikely to get the job once a criminal record has been revealed

Dominion Pardons & Waivers can help put the past in its place

Fortunately, there is a way for people who have been convicted of a criminal offence, who have completed their sentence and satisfied all terms of parole/restitution/other requirements, and have demonstrated their ability to stay out of trouble for a recognized period of time, to put the past in its place. It’s called a record suspension (formerly, and still colloquially, known as a pardon) and it allows your record to effectively be sealed from view. The key when applying for your pardon in Toronto, is to have all your ducks in a row, because if anything is missing, incomplete, or incorrectly filled out on your application, it is highly likely that your application will be summarily rejected and go to the bottom of the pile. There is already a backlog, so you definitely don’t want this to happen.

Dominion Pardons and Waivers is an expert Toronto pardon company specializing in helping former offenders successfully get their records sealed and their files destroyed. Another way to say that, is: We help you remove what is hindering you from getting the jobs, training, travel opportunities, licenses, and many other benefits that are currently denied to you as a former offender. If you’re tired of having your life restricted in ways you might not even be aware of until you try to achieve your goals, give us a call. Your fresh start, starts here!

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