Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Oakville, Ontario
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Oakville ON

Dominion Pardons and Waivers now serves Oakville.


Criminal pardons and record suspensions Oakville ON can go a long way toward rebuilding lives damaged by criminal records. We help people obtain them.


Getting convicted of a crime is a trying experience. Between the trial and the punishment, be it a fine or jail time, it can be embarrassing and costly. It can cost you property, jobs, family and friends, and opportunities. Now it’s time to move forward.

Looking for work in Oakville when you have a criminal past can often seem like a fool’s errand. Countless hirers want background checks to learn more about the people they’re hiring. Sometimes anything on that check can be enough to cost you a job. In other cases, employers may give you the opportunity to explain. Even then, you have to hope that they accept your explanation, and you may start that job on thin ice.


Traveling is another good reason to attempt to obtain criminal pardons and record suspensions. You may have trouble crossing the border into the United States with something on your background check. Obtaining entry visas and work permits abroad can be nearly impossible – if not actually impossible. In fact, even if you are hired, you may live in constant worry over whether your employer would want to send you abroad for business, in which case your background could once again come back to haunt you.


Fortunately, there’s hope for residents of Oakville with criminal convictions. We help people to get record suspensions and criminal pardons so that they can move on with their lives rather than continuing to live hampered by a criminal conviction. Although we aren’t able to help everyone who comes to us, many of our clients have been shocked that we were able to help them even after they tried in vain to get a suspension or pardon before.


Call us today to ask about whether we can help you out of your situation.