Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Montreal, Quebec
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Montreal QC

Are you looking to lead a better life in Montreal? Criminal pardons and record suspensions Montreal QC can help if you have a criminal record.


Living with a criminal record can be extremely difficult. Whether it’s because you live with the guilt of having committed a serious crime or just made a silly mistake at some point, having a criminal record can cause major problems. In fact, it can seem that all doors are closed to you.


Getting a job with a criminal record is often the most difficult aspect of life after a conviction. In some cases, any record at all will be enough to disqualify you from getting hired. At best, you’ll end up starting off on the wrong foot with an employer, to whom you’ll have to explain a conviction and hope that they don’t hold it against you before or after you’re hired.


Traveling can also be problematic. Obtaining visas or work permits, or even just crossing the border into the United States for pleasure can be difficult or impossible. Simple things that everyone else can do aren’t open to you.


That’s why we help people in criminal pardons and record suspensions Montreal QC. Using our help, you may be able to start fresh without the record that has been plaguing you to this point. Wouldn’t it be exciting to look for work and apply for jobs without worrying about what your employer will think of your record? Wouldn’t you love having the chance to travel freely, like everyone else, rather than hoping that you don’t get stopped?


Even if you’ve tried to get criminal pardons or record suspensions before, call us to see if we can help. We can’t help everyone in Montreal who has a record, but we can help a lot of people, including many who thought it was a hopeless cause.