Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Aurora, Ontario
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Aurora ON

If you’ve been convicted of a crime and live in criminal pardons and record suspensions Aurora ON may offer you your only chance at some basic liberties. These are especially relevant to those who wish to travel to the United States, but they can also be important for people within Canada itself. Failure to deal with your record could lead to major problems – foreseen and unforeseen – down the road.


We handle criminal pardons and record suspensions for residents of Aurora who are looking to enjoy the rights and privileges of those without criminal records. Among the problems that a criminal record can cause you are prohibition from entering the United States, potential detention at the border, and property seizures. Simply put, the United States has strict restrictions on whom it does and doesn’t allow to enter the country. Having a criminal record could prevent you from being able to cross the border normally.


Not all residents of Aurora who have been convicted of crimes are eligible for criminal pardons or record suspensions. For certain serious crimes, such services may be unavailable. In many cases, though, people who come to us are surprised to learn that they are eligible for those services. That is why the first thing we do in working with each of our clients is determining whether they would be eligible for these services.


If you live in Aurora, contact us today via phone or the form on our website to find out whether we can help you with criminal pardons or record suspensions. The worst that can happen is that we will simply inform you that you’re not eligible. The best case scenario, though, is that we are able to help you restore your peace of mind by helping you regain the rights that your conviction has cost you.