Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Kitchener, Ontario
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Kitchener ON

If you have a criminal record and live in criminal pardons and record suspensions Kitchener ON can help you to get your freedom back. Having a criminal record can be a long-term problem, costing you jobs, the ability to travel, and even in some cases lead to property seizures. We help people to avoid that and move on with their lives.


Countless jobs in Kitchener, ON require criminal background checks for those they are considering hiring. In most cases, having anything on your background check is enough to disqualify you from getting a job. How are you supposed to move on with your life if you can’t even work in your field?


Not only that, but people with criminal backgrounds often have to deal with travel restrictions as well. Try to cross the border into the United States if you have a criminal background and you may find yourself turned away – or worse, detained. Even if you don’t want to work or travel in the United States, wouldn’t you have greater peace of mind knowing that you could get there in an emergency, such as having a sick friend or relative there?


We’re here to help. We provide assistance in obtaining criminal pardons and record suspensions for people who have committed a wide variety of crimes. Many of our past clients had all but given up on getting their lives back before they came to us, having tried and failed to get past their records before. While we can’t help everyone, we can help a tremendous number of people, including those who didn’t think we would be able to help them.


If you live in Kitchener, ON, call us today to inquire about our services and find out whether we can help you get criminal pardons or record suspensions. You’ll be glad you did.