Canadian Pardons & Record Suspension Services in Edmonton, Alberta
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Edmonton AB

For residents of Edmonton, Criminal Pardons and Record Suspensions Edmonton AB provide people with the opportunity for a fresh start. By putting the past behind you, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the rights that those without criminal records enjoy. No longer do you have to be hamstrung by your record. Instead, you can move forward having cleared the debt that you owed to society.


Criminal pardons and record suspensions aren’t always possible in Edmonton, but the number of cases in which they are available is considerably higher than most people realize. In fact, a significant number of our customers come to us as a last resort after their own failed attempts to clear their records. Others didn’t think that it was possible for them to get a suspension or pardon due to the nature of their crimes. Rather than simply giving up, contact us to inquire about whether we can help you.


If criminal pardons and record suspensions are options for you, you could soon find yourself with far more doors open to you than are open now. Imagine being able to apply for any position without having to worry about the employer conducting a criminal background check. Imagine not having to worry about travel restrictions to the United States or other countries when planning your vacation.


You’ve paid your debt to society. It’s time to put your past mistakes behind you and get a fresh start. Let us help you get it by helping you obtain criminal pardons or record suspensions.


If you live in Edmonton, call us today to learn more about whether we can help you. You could be pleasantly surprised by the types of records that we can clear. If you’re eligible, we’ll explain the process of how we can go about getting you the liberty you deserve.