Dominion Pardons and Waivers Record Suspension Services
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Canadian Pardon

A Canadian Pardon, now formally known as a Record Suspension, is what you need to wipe the slate clean if a criminal record is holding you back from getting the jobs, promotions and social opportunities that you want and deserve. If you have paid your debt to society and want to enjoy all the rights and privileges of an ordinary Canadian citizen, staying out of trouble isn’t enough; you need a Record Suspension to clear your name, otherwise the past could come back to haunt you. At Dominion Pardons & Waivers, we specialize in assisting Canadians to obtain Pardons and seal their criminal records so that employers, insurance companies, government agencies, professional bodies and others cannot find your private information and use it against you. We take the necessary steps on your behalf, from filing your paperwork to obtaining court documents and liaising with the Parole Board of Canada about your case. Don’t allow a criminal record to prevent you from living life to the fullest. Call now to start the Canadian Pardon application process.

US Entry Waiver

A US Entry Waiver is the one document you need to travel freely across the US border if you have ever had a brush with the law where a police file was generated. Without a US Entry Waiver, you are essentially at the mercy of Customs & Border Patrol agents, who can see that you have a police record and may deny you entry to the US – not to mention question you and seize your property – at their discretion. Not only is getting turned back at the border a potentially unpleasant experience, it can have far-reaching consequences, impeding your ability to obtain jobs that involve travel and preventing such routine activities as visiting relatives and taking connecting flights. At Dominion Pardons & Waivers, we know what it takes to get a US Entry Waiver so you can safely and legitimately cross the US border without hassles, every time. We’ll file your paperwork, liaise with related agencies like courts and the RCMP, and assist you in compiling reference letters so you’ll have a strong case for a US Entry Waiver. Stop playing roulette with your travel plans, and apply for a US Entry Waiver today.

There are various reasons for getting a pardon. GET A PARDON