Qualify for a Canadian Pardon Application or Waiver today!
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How Do I Qualify?

Recent changes to Canadian law have made applying for your pardon or waiver more expensive and, in some cases, more difficult. If you have a criminal record, you already know that living with a tainted past can be limiting, shaming and discouraging. If you have beaten the odds despite the stigma of your criminal record and have sought rehabilitation, haven’t re-offended, and have taken the necessary steps to be a productive member of society, why continue to be punished for past mistakes? It’s time to take control of your life again. Fortunately, we can help.

Many of our clients come to us as a last resort. They have been told a record suspension was not possible for them, or have come up against border officials after thinking their old record had been automatically purged, or had an uncomfortable conversation with their new boss about their criminal record. Instead of giving up, which would be easy to do, they fought back by enlisting the help of experienced professionals who understand the system in all its intricacy.

We’d love to help you navigate the process so you can have your pardon or waiver in hand sooner. With a quick phone call (1-888-974-4159), you will receive a FREE evaluation and eligibility assessment for Canadian Pardons/Record Suspensions and U.S. Entry Waivers. Or if you prefer, simply fill out this quick form, click Send, and we will have one of our qualified consultants call to discuss and evaluate your request. You can even drop by our head office at 1060 Sheppard Ave. West, Commercial Suite 107, to speak with a pardons representative in person.

Pardon qualification rules, 101

While cases differ, and granting of pardons is still ultimately at the discretion of the Parole Board of Canada, there are some basic eligibility requirements that everyone should be aware of. Generally speaking, you must have:

  1. Completed all your sentences (paid any fines and compensation orders, served your sentences, and completed probation)
  2. Completed a waiting period of 5 years for summary offenses and 10 years for indictable offenses
  3. Funds to pay the application fees. The PBC charges $631 to process a record suspension application, and additional fees will apply for obtaining your electronic fingerprints, a copy of your criminal record, court documents, and local police record checks, as well as fees for professional assistance.

Because of the time frames involved, we always recommend getting started a year before you are actually eligible for the pardon. This will ensure you receive it as soon as possible.

US Entry Waiver qualifications

When it comes to obtaining a U.S. Entry Waiver, though your criminal record is Canadian, you are no longer dealing with the Canadian government; your application is reviewed by the United States Department of Homeland Security, and approval is subjective. That means if anything is missing or insufficient, your entire application can be rejected. To make a US Waiver application, you will need:

  1. Fingerprints
  2. Biographical information (form G-325A)
  3. Police records and court documents
  4. Character references
  5. Proof of rehabilitation/good conduct
  6. Form I-212 if you have already been denied entry to the U.S.A.

While a record suspension alone is not recognized by the INS, it does however look favourable if you can show in your waiver application that you have already had your Canadian file sealed or destroyed. This demonstrates that you have avoided contact with the law for a long time.

Why choose Dominion Pardons & Waivers

We are properly qualified to assist you in taking control of your situation, so you can put the past behind you and move on with your life.

If you are wondering why you should pay a company (any company) to handle your pardon or waiver application instead of trying it yourself, the answer is that preparing extremely important legal paperwork that you have never seen before, is quite stressful. Getting something wrong or leaving something out can result in all kinds of delays or even outright rejection of your application. Choosing an experienced professional firm to guide you through the process, gather the right material and prepare the application for you is somewhat like hiring an accountant to do your taxes; you could technically do them yourself, but without specialized training, most people would rather not.

Let us work with you in determining:

  • if you are eligible to have your record cleared/sealed/destroyed
  • if you need an entry waiver to cross the U.S. border
  • the steps required to either get a pardon/record suspension or a U.S. entry waiver, or both

While we aren’t able to help everyone, many are surprised to learn that they do qualify for a sealed criminal record. And if we aren’t able to help you, at least you will know right away, from a professional source. You won’t waste months or years spinning your wheels and paying fees that aren’t going to get you anywhere.

If you have been convicted of a crime, it doesn’t have to haunt you forever. When you let us know the details about your situation, we’ll be able to advise you as to whether a record suspension or a US entry waiver is an option, as well as tell you more about how we can handle the process. Because we have helped so many people get their records sealed and destroyed, we can also help you avoid many of the common mistakes people make when attempting the process on their own.

It only takes a few minutes to begin your fresh start! Ready to get going? Complete this form.

See If You’re Qualified!

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