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Is Your Criminal Record Keeping You Out Of The USA?

Is It Affecting Possible Work Opportunities, Maybe An Education Or Even Keeping You From Your Family?

We can help…

A pardon can erase your criminal record, and ease your passage into the USA.

Don’t miss out on maybe your last chance at clearing your criminal record, and making life a whole lot easier for you and your family.

There are various reasons for getting a pardon, here’s just a few

  • Travel to the U.S.A. – make your border crossing easy.

Without a pardon, you will not be allowed into the US and will face a very embarrassing situation with customs as they refuse you entry to the United States.

  • After your pardon, a background check into your past won’t stop you from pursuing and obtaining a job or career in the US.

A criminal record that is discovered during a background check is considered a red flag to many employers. After getting a pardon, your background will be clean.

  • Further your education. Many universities will not admit you if you have a criminal record
  • Custody rights of your child. Getting custody of your child is significantly harder with a criminal record, if not impossible.
  • Peace of Mind. No need to worry about being rejected for something or being judged based on what’s in your past. A criminal pardon gives you the fresh start you want and deserve.

Don’t Miss Out On A Pardon!
Get a Fresh Start By Applying Today For A No Obligation Consultation.
See If You Qualify Today!

And Begin A New Life With…

1. The ability to travel outside of Canada
2. The opportunity for a better education
3. Confidence in yours and your families future
4. Availability of childcare for your children
5. And many more benefits from a clear criminal record!

You’ve served your time and paid your debt.
You are on your way to getting the freedom you deserve.

We’ll Only Ask Once…

See If You’re Qualified

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